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about us

One is a farmer, the other a musician, Andrew and Louise, a husband and wife team who moved back to Mount Gambier / Berrin (Andrew’s childhood town) to start a family, a wine label and build our winery. We welcomed both our daughter Frankie and our first vintage in 2014.


With Andrew’s family background farming in the region, he was well aware of Mount Gambier’s unique volcanic soils and growing capabilities, and wanted to apply our knowledge in organic farming and permaculture to viticulture and creating our own wine label. 

We wanted to create a community where we could be proud to raise our daughter Frankie. Our dream is to inspire home grown eating, drinking and music that nourishes the land and reflects our personalities and to share it with the community.


We own and farm organically two vineyard sites, both located in Moorak on the outskirts of the Mount Gambier township. One site is planted to Chardonnay and known as ‘Volcanic Lakes’. This vineyard is located at the foot of Mount Gambier / Berrin's famous volcanic crater, the Blue Lake / Warwar and is planted on what some consider the most fertile soils in the country. The second site is on our home farm, known as ‘Lake of Fire’; this site lies on the southern base of the volcanic crater and is close planted (6600 vines per hectare) to the varieties Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Shiraz, Riesling and Pinot Gris. 


Our winery, vineyards and farm are located on the south and south west side of one of Australia’s two youngest volcanos. Erupting less than 6000 years ago, Warwar is filled with water that changes colour with the seasons. Arising from an ancient inland sea made into limestone and now receiving water from underground caves added with our generous rainfall all contributes to the abundance of water stored in underground limestone caves with pockets of flint rock spread below the nearby soils. The limestone filters the water naturally and the result is a pure water thriving with minerality. All of this makes for incredible soil complexity and combined with our cool climate, creates perfect growing conditions and in turn beautiful, elegant and totally unique Australian wines like no other.


In addition to our estate wines, we find ourselves very lucky to be able to work with a number of amazing growers throughout the Limestone Coast wine region; an exciting and diverse region creating equally diverse and exciting wines.


We make wines that reflect the eccentricities of our personalities, place and terroir with a minimalistic approach. We take an old world approach to our winemaking which combined with our vineyard sites, enable resulting wines of extreme purity and complexity.  All of our wines are made and bottled on site in our small winery. 


Our aim is to produce great tasting unique wines expressing the unique terroir of Mount Gambier / Berrin above anything else. We produce what we like to drink.


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