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Relatively White

Sauvignon Blanc grown on one of Mount Gambier's unique sites with an abundance of ancient flint rock and limestone close to the ocean.


Fruit is macerated on skins through ferment for 3 weeks before elevage in old oak on lees for period ranging from 8 months - 15 months.



Chardonnay from Coola Road vineyard. Direct pressed and fermented in stainless steel before being transferred to old French biriques. Left on barrel for 15 months and then rested in bottle for another 4 months.


It is chalky, oxidative and rich in minerality with acidity to die for. A true reflection of patience and perfectly grown chardonnay.


Gris Diddly Dee

A house hold favourite. Pinot gris grown on limestone and flint. The gris is de-stemmed and left on its skins for its primary fermentation (approx. 3 weeks) where it is pressed directly to old French oak. Barrels of pinot noir rosé from our organically farmed volcanic soils are blended before bottling and left to get to know each other for a couple of months. Left for over 12 months before it’s released.


The gris gives it a savoury, saline, chalky feel with a smash of acidic pomegranate in your mouth; the pinot gives that fruit driven aspect of red berries with the aggression and grit of the volcanic soils. This is a moreish wine you will keep coming back to the glass for.


Floppy Giggle Day

Semillon grown on limestone and flint. At 10% alcohol this light refreshing maceration is like a dive into a fresh spring on a hot day. Citrus and lemon pith with a herbaceous edge.


One half was direct pressed to tank on full lees storage while the other half was de stemmed and left in its skins for 2 days before being transferred to French hogs heads. After 8 months the two were blended together before bottling and left to rest for over 12 months before its release


The Artesian Lava

With a small quantity of Riesling in 2019, this is a co ferment of Riesling and Semillon grown on flint and limestone.

De-stemmed and left on skins for its primary fermentation (approx. 3 weeks). 8 months in barrel before bottling and a further 12 months evolving.

If you like texture this wine will drive you wild. Still with plenty of acidity it’s a pineapple party. Amber, rich and textural. Pair it with food or smash into your own.

This wine loves as much age as you can give it. (See our 2017 magnums for accelerated texture and depth)


Loubadie Doo Rosé

Direct pressed Pinot Noir Rose, however we bring the hard pressings with us to create body. Pressed in our old horizontal screw press so oxidisation is introduced. 

This wine is savoury, salty and full of flavour, making it distinct to other rose wine in the market. Fermented and stored in stainless steel. Loubadie Doo is a blend of both our pinot vineyards. 

"Rose" or "Light Red" - you decide ;)


Relatively Red

The only 2 rows of Shiraz planted in Mount Gambier. The fruit is grown on one of Mount Gambier's unique sites with an abundance of ancient flint rock and limestone close to the ocean. 

Carbonic macerated for 5 days then de-stemmed for juice contact with it's skins for 24 hours pressed and stored in stainless steel on lees for 8 months before being rested in bottle for a further 8 months.

The Yang side of Shiraz, juicy, floral, long and delicate texture with refreshing acidity. Thirst quencher 



Cabernet Franc from Robe located approx. 120 kms from Mount Gambier on the coast with a mix of red terra rossa and sandy soils over shallow limestone. 

The Franc is de-stemmed and then left on skins until desired fruit flavours are reached (approx. 10 days). 

This variety is late picked, cold soaked naturally and fermented long and slowly in our cool climate winery. The wine is then racked and minimal sulfur added at bottling.


Noir Dee Doot Dah

From Square Mile our organically grown vineyard based 1km from home. Stunning site based on a hill slope, volcanic top soil on limestone slowly ripen by a East / West sun exposition.

Moslty destemed with a hint of Wholebunch fermented in open top tank. Pressed and nicely rised into french barriques for 12 month. Showing the gorgeous potential of Mount Gambier Pinot Noir, it has a plump bushberries and spices start prolonged by fine and delicate tannins and carried by this specific mineral zing from our volcanic soils. A true seductor 


Ooh La La Noir

Our party pinot! In 2019, fruit from our other Pinot site, with D5V12 clone pinot noir. Still on volcanic soils over shallow limestone this wine is picked and carbonic macerated for its entire fermentation of approx. 3.5 weeks. It is then pressed directly to stainless steel where it is stored.

Fresh, bright and beautiful acidity from the limestone and saline soils; tastes of red frogs (fruity jelly lollies).

A slight spritz to the wine makes it great drinking for the backyard, park, at the beach, anywhere in the sun and where you want to party!

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