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Single site Chardonnay from our estate-owned organic vineyard.


This unique vineyard sits right at the base of the volcanic slope of Mount Gambier / Berrin and the region's major volcanic crater, “Blue Lake” / Waa Wor, producing grapes grown on the heaviest volcancic soils in Australia.


The fruit is left to hang on the vines until April to produce medium weight Chardonnay at around 13%. 


This Chardonnay is not like what your grandma used to drink; it has great body and texture and use of old oak barrels makes our chardonnay fruit driven. The volcanic soils are showcased in this delicious chardonnay; with amazing natural acidity combined with a saline quality continuing the unique style of Mount Gambier / Berrin's volcanic soil structure. These soils are some of the most interesting soil profiles in Australia, volcanic ash over lava.


Our Volcanic Lakes Chardonnay vineyard has taken us 6 years to get to this level of fruit and we are continually excited by what it can produce.

Chardonnay Volcanic Lakes 2022

  • Varietal : Chardonnay

    Region : Mount Gambier 

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