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Here at Good Intentions, we have made cider from the very beginning of our journey. With an emphasis on pushing boundaries in cider-making and not conforming to a style.

Some may remember Fire Cider no 1, which was a 2014 still cider under cork, barrel aged for 5 years and rested in bottle for 1 year. This time around, the 2020 Fire Cider is made from apples, pears, quinces and crab apples (from my mum Taffy’s garden) , co-fermented with pinot noir rosè (from our organically grown Boxer's vineyard) and left in barrel for 2 years with balanced oxidisation. It was bottled with juice from the 2022 vintage and left to re-ferment.


Think ripe apples with a bitter edge topped with strawberries and cream, all with a light fizz.


Fire Cider no. 2

  • Varietal: apples, pears, quinces, crab apples / pinot noir rose

    Region: Mount Gambier

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